A Journey of Nivedita Joshi

Founder, Kathak, Theatre & Visual Artist

Who is Nivedita Joshi

Kathak Practitioner, Performer, Facilitator: Nivedita Joshi, hailing from Pune, embarked on her Kathak journey at a young age under the esteemed Guru Mulla Jafar Khan of the Banaras gharana. Years of rigorous training later, she honed her skills at Maneesha Nrityalaya (Pune) before becoming a dedicated disciple of the renowned Jaipur gharana maestro, Guru Pt. Rajendra Gangani from Delhi.


Armed with a Bachelor of Arts from SNDT University (Pune) and a Visharad in Kathak dance from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya (Miraj), Nivedita further broadened her horizons with a Certificate in Special Needs Education from The School of Positive Psychology, Singapore, an Art Therapy certification from NAFA, Singapore, and a certification in Mayurbhanj-style Chaau dance from Sreeram Bharati Kala Kendra, Delhi.


Nivedita brings years of teaching experience, having guided students in Indian schools and serving as a full-time dance faculty at the Singapore Fine Arts Society (SIFAS), the oldest art school in Singapore. Over 100 students flourished under her Kathak tutelage. Beyond classical dance, Nivedita embraces Bollywood and folk styles, and played a pivotal role in introducing Kathak to SIFAS' "Vikasa Kids" program for children aged 3-6.


With over 20 years of performing Kathak at prestigious dance festivals in India and abroad (Singapore, France, Germany, and Switzerland), Nivedita's notable performances include "Krishna-Geetam" in Munich, "KIGA" in Basel, Indian Embassy Bern in Switzerland, International Dance Day at Tripura University, Pradhanvizah for MediaCorp in Singapore, Abhiyakti at the Bhaskarayam Dance Festival in Singapore, Anusandhan in Pune, Vibrant Gujarat in India, and Confluence for Ras Raj Foundation in India.


Nivedita actively collaborates with diverse art institutions and media platforms in Singapore, including Bhaskara Arts, Apsara Arts, the Indian High Commission, MediaCorp, and various SIFAS dance productions. Beyond Singapore, she has performed for the Indian Embassy, Berne (Switzerland) through Sahaja Yoga meditation events in Strasbourg, Bern, and Basel, and collaborated with Samvedan Dance Company (Mr. Deodatt Persaud) in Germany.



Pandit Rajendra Gangani

Rajendra Gangani is an Indian Kathak dancer known for his innovative style and technical wizardry. Gangani is one of the leading exponents of the Jaipur Gharana style of Kathak. For his contributions to the field of Kathak, Gangani received the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 2003 from The President of India A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.


Pandita Manisha

Pandita Maneesha Sathe, a famous Kathak exponent of India, is the torchbearer of Nataraj Gopi Krishnaji's dance style.Based in Pune (India), Maneeshaji had her initial training from Pt. Balasaheb Gokhale in Pune.Her foresighted and artistically inclined parents then entrusted her development to an eminent Dancer and Guru Nataraj Pt. Gopi Krishna in Mumbai.
Years of rigorous and devoted practice polished her dance personality into a scintillating jewel.
Her name soon emerged as a promising danseuse and then as an accomplished artiste.


Ustad Jafar Mulla Khan

Jafar Mulla Khan completed his education from 1975 to 1983 from Pt. Babasaheb Gokhale through Guru Shishya tradition. During his education in Janaki Prasad Gharana, he used to exchange his ideas with various teachers and famous artists of that time. A very hard working, humble and pleasant personality, Jafar Mulla Khan rose to fame and popularity within a short period of time. He imparted the education of his family and created the best disciples. Today, hundreds of these students are working as professionals. They are working in Bharata Natya Research Mandir for decades. He has choreographed musical dramas, including choreography for Dance dramas as well. He Always encouraged new ideas. Guru Jafar Mulla Khan Saheb was awarded by Pune Municipal Corporation's "Kalasamarpan" Award as well as Dr. Godbole award. He is also been honoured by many other awards.


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Pt. Rajendra Gangani
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Pt. Kumar Bose
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Pt. Bhavani Shankar
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Pt. Sanjeev Abhyankar - SIFAS
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Pt. Birju Maharaj - SIFAS
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